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No one knows what happened to Edgar Allan Poe during the last days of his life. Wild speculation regarding the cause of his death has persisted for 250 years, attributing it to everything from alcohol to rabies, and then there are the other mysterious details: Why was he wearing someone else’s clothes? Who was the “Reynolds” he mentioned on his deathbed? Why was he even in Baltimore in the first place? Nevermore is a collection of short comics, which follow Edgar’s misadventures during those final days, combining historical half truths and absurdity to present a series of situations that could have but probably did not take place in the Fall of 1849.

Nevermore was written and created by Kristin Royer, an editor and writer, living outside of Baltimore in Catonsville, Md., the hometown of TV legend David Hasselhoff. When she’s not contemplating the deaths of great American writers, she is getting her MFA in Integrated Design and attempting to write her first graphic novel.