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Matthew Fletcher {} is a Connecticut based artist working primarily with pencil, ink, and watercolor. In a distinctly angular and sketchy style all his own, Matthew adeptly uses superheroes, robots, monsters and farm animals to create images that range from sociopolitical commentary to traditional comic book pin-up art, and everything in between. Never afraid to challenge the viewer, Matthew enjoys twisting (sometimes violently) established and recognizable characters and images in order to wake something up inside of the viewer and make them think.
Joshua Kemble {} is a freelance illustrator, and a Xeric Award Winning Cartoonist. He is currently at work on two graphic novels, Jacobs Apartment for NBM Publishing, and Polynothing while creating freelance illustrations for t-shirts, magazines and other media. His illustration clients have ranged from Merrill Lynch to Random House and his comic work has been published in various anthologies and self published mini comics.

An unabashed comic book geek, Kemble was born in 1980 in Tarzana, California, grew up in the Antelope Valley. He received his BFA in Illustration from California State University of Long Beach, and now resides in Portland, Oregon with his fiance and fellow artist, Mai S. Kemble, and his pugs, C.K. Dexter Haven, and Dozer.

He also co-hosts the weekly podcast about the ins and outs of freelance illustration "Big Illustration Party Time" with fellow illustrator Kevin Cross, and is a proud member of the Graphic Arists Guild.
Sam Ricks {} grew up in a small Northern Arizona town making movies about killer vacuums, peanut butter-snatching aliens, and toxic fruitcakes. He studied film, art, and political science at Brigham Young University and recently completed an MA in Publications Design at the University of Baltimore. Sam spends his waking hours drawing and painting, usually in his own clothing.